The World of Couture Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement

First impressions are lasting impressions; for many, the first impression is the gateway to success. For 30 million women in the United States, our first impressions are often hampered because we suffer from hair loss, and that makes the possibility of a great first impression fleeting. We know first-hand what it feels like to spend hours picking out a wig that will be comfortable enough just to get through the day. We know the fear that overtakes us when the wind picks up, wondering if this will be the day the breeze takes our hair with it. We know the frustration of having to analyze every activity of the day before leaving the house, because hair simply isn’t a part of our lives. And let’s not forget the trepidation we experience when we visit a traditional hair or beauty salon, knowing we’ll likely be the center of prying eyes and the subject of murmurs and whispers.

For those of us suffering with hair loss, these scenarios are all too real. And the search for a solution is an ongoing, arduous battle. We hear the same advice every day: “it’s just hair.” Or, “why can’t you just get a wig?” For women without hair loss challenges, it’s easy to take hair for granted. So what happens to those of us who long to look and feel normal, those of us on the margins of the hair and beauty industry? Is there a home for us?


Enter The World of Couture Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement.

Unlike traditional, mass-marketed, one-size-fits-all hair extensions designed for women with fuller longer heads of hair, or wigs sold online or at the local wig shop, Couture Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement is a highly customized, high quality hair loss solution that creates a one-of-a-kind wearable synthesis specifically engineered to the hair, scalp and allergy issues of each individual client. At Her Secret, our specialists are trained to recognize the hair challenge, restructure the hair condition into manageable results, rebuild chaotic or unruly follicles into a disciplined head of hair, and re-engineer both scalp and follicles to generate a healthy head of hair. This is especially helpful for women who are thinning or battling full on hair loss, as traditional hair extensions have been proven to cause traction alopecia and further thinning and breakage.

Wigs on the other hand, made using various forms of inexpensive lace materials, are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and for women with scalp sensitivities or disorders, can also be irritating to the skin or exacerbate a hair loss or medical condition. Finally, unlike the “piece meal” approach of ordering hair pieces online that are relegated to minimal installation options (often poorly and the gateway to severe traction alopecia), the entire Couture Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement process, from initial consultation and hair/medical analysis to the completion of the final service, involves a highly experienced trichologist and 30+ year veteran hair replacement specialist who takes into account each client’s medical directives when designing a hair loss solution. This is especially important for clients with diagnosed medical conditions that need to ensure their overall health is considered before undergoing any procedure. And for clients with propensity for natural hair growth, this holistic and therapeutic approach ensures they have the best opportunity for healthful hair and scalp development. In fact, many clients with diagnosed medical hair loss conditions have experienced growth of their natural hair using our hair solutions that other options have been unable to provide.

Her Secret Hair was founded by 30+ year hair replacement specialist and celebrity hairstylist Helen Owens, whose own battle with hair loss as a child spurred her dedication to helping other women regain their crowning glory and personal power. Having battled alopecia areata since age 11, Helen has worked with girls as young as age 3 to women well into adulthood, all of whom are searching for a way to look and feel normal. Ms. Owens has been featured in a host of local and national media (a sample of her accolades is below), and has dedicated her career to helping women triumph over their hair loss battles and transform into their truest visions of themselves.

Her Secret Hair has helped thousands of women overcome their hair loss challenges and lead more fulfilling lives. Contact us to schedule a consultation to identify your hair loss concerns and provide you with alternatives to keep thinning hair from standing in your way.

Reach Her Secret Hair & Helen Owens

Her Secret Hair can be reached by phone at 510-910-4850 (voice, text or FaceTime) or 925-606-6587 (voice); via email (, Skype (Helen Owens) or social media via the links below.  You can also complete the contact form at the bottom of the page; we look forward to assisting you.




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Helen Owens: Awards

CityFlight Magazine. Public Service Nominee, Category Finalist, Ten Most Influential African-Americans in the Bay Area.

Hype Hair Magazine, Shining Stars Award for unique hair-loss solutions and restoring confidence to women losing their hair.

Helen Owens: Television/Radio Appearances

CNBC. Appeared on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, a show that highlights the success of entrepreneurs. Helen shared her story of how her personal struggle with hair loss was turned into a successful business.

KCRA 3 News.  Three-minute close up Profile on service to women with hair loss.

KTVU Channel 2 News. Profile on hair replacement techniques. The five-minute close up included feedback from hair-loss experts and showcased salon as a sympathetic place that services women loosing their hair.

TV30. Profile with local radio host to discuss the impact on women suffering from hair loss.

KBAY.  Appeared on weekly public affairs program to educate the  public on how hair loss affects women.

KFRC. Appeared on Street Talk, a public affairs program dedicated to educating the public on a variety of issues.

KMEL. Appeared on one of the Bay Area’s largest radio stations in a short segment to educate the public on hair loss in women.

KEZR. Appeared on the weekly public affairs program to share personal story of hair loss.

Seasoned Women Health Radio, topic is managing hair health as we age.

Women for Women Network, topic is how to manage hair thinning and hair follicle changes related to chemotherapy.

Helen Owens: Featured in News Media

Pleasanton Weekly.  Close-up on the unique hair replacement services provided by Helen to women in the Bay Area and Tri-Valley areas.

Pink Magazine. “Triumph,” a monthly section that celebrates women who have overcome great challenges to become a success.

City Room.  Helping consumers better understand the ins and outs of the hair replacement industry.

The Independent. What’s Your hair challenge? None too big for Helen of Her Secret. This article provides insight on the myriad options available to women looking to restore their self-esteem and confidence along with their crowning glory.

Salon Today.  Article on creating a successful salon and how to better service special needs clients.

Pleasanton Gazette. “Her Secret Is To Restore Confidence” shares a glimpse into the impact restoring women’s crowning glory has on their self-esteem.

Bay Area Business Woman. Subject of an article called “Coping with Hair Loss.” Writer J. Hawkins wrote, “The solution is not simple, and [Helen] believes that women with [hair-loss] need spiritual help. She is an activist for hair-loss syndromes, and turned her own calamity [with alopecia] into a mission.”

The Daily Review & Tri-Valley Herald. Featured in “Hairweaving Specialist to the Rescue,” which provided insight on hairweaving as a viable alternative for women with any length of hair.

Oakland Tribune.  One of only a few nominees of the Ten Most Influential African Americans in the Bay Area quoted in a story about all the nominees in this year’s categories.

Lucky Magazine. Article on styling options for summer hair.


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