Quality versus Quantity

In the days before people relied so heavily on the Internet for data, there was only one way to spread the word about anything. Good old-fashioned in-person meetings, phone calls, and pavement pounding were your best options for gathering information. Individuals met in person, shook hands, and created relationships with their customers and potential partners. Today of course everything is virtual, and there’s plenty of traffic on the information superhighway. Unfortunately that information isn’t always reliable, and ultimately customers relying on that data can suffer in the end.  Take hair extensions or wig pieces for example. Customers can order inexpensive hair extensions online and have them installed for under $100. You’ve no doubt heard about the rash of human hair theft occurring – imagine what that does to the quality of product you’re buying on the Internet. Competition is always a good thing in any market, but the hair extension industry has been so dummied down by cheap materials and untrained practitioners that customers end up paying the ultimate price. They think they’re getting a great service on the cheap but ultimately end up investing thousands of dollars over time in a product that doesn’t last, or, even worse, causes traction hair loss from improper and medically unapproved installation (i.e. overly tight braids or bonding and gluing hair extensions to the natural hair or scalp).

As I navigate the Internet, I keep in mind that the Internet is only the first step in the buying process. If I’m investing my hard-earned money in anything, I want to work with an organization that has my best interest and is with me all the way through the buying process. My advice is this: there’s a ton of information on hair extensions and hair replacement out there. Whether you’re looking at Great Lengths, Cinderella hair, Keratin bonding, hair weaving, u tip or I tip hair extensions, custom wigs, hair extensions for short hair, or non-surgical hair replacement, make sure you know what the pros and cons are when shopping for a hair extension salon. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a professional with experience and a wealth of knowledge on the types of hair extensions and hair replacement. Celebrity hair extensions might look great when their finished, but paying attention to the overall process will help you invest in the best hair extensions for you. Keep in mind also if you have hair loss, do your research on what the best hair replacement method might be for you. In the Internet age, it’s important to be a savvy shopper: ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to arm yourself with information.

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