Leading a Path to Self-Discovery

What I’ve learned after decades in the industry is that the most successful stylists are great leaders. They are formidable people, empowering their clients with the information they require in order to become the individual they’ve always envisioned themselves to be. As leaders, it’s our job to foster a community where clients in need – particularly women – feel safe sharing their concerns, knowing that we’ll create solutions that are in keeping with who they are and inject them with personal power and enhanced self-esteem. Our personal appearance is directly correlated to who we are, and when there’s a disconnect between the two, clients search for a leader who can help them realize the vision of who they want to be. There is great joy in being a part of a woman’s self-discovery, and something incredibly rewarding in watching her grasp and firmly hold onto who she is. Like watching a butterfly emerge from her cocoon, I have the fortune of helping women transform daily into their own positions of leadership and fortitude. What a joy!

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