I Am An Actor: Life in the SAG


What does it take to become a member of the prestigious Screen Actors’ Guild? Just ask local celebrity Faith Alpher, who achieved her membership over a decade ago. She is a true method actor, bringing her unique quiet storm to every performance. Poised and confident, her body language says “all powerful,” but her eyes emit a kindness that makes audiences want to spend the rest of their lives with her. The reason is no doubt the unique connection between her classically trained actor’s voice and her improvisational comedic timing. Whether she’s speaking to a live audience, acting on stage, hosting a radio show or working as a voice over artist, Ms. Alpher’s “thunderous whispers” take her audiences on an emotional, cathartic ride and leave them begging for more.

Ms. Alpher discovered her unique acting skills in childhood, starring alongside the incomparable Bill Cosby as one of the first Jell-O pudding kids. A host of TV commercials followed, with Ms. Alpher pitching everything from Dr. Pepper to Tide. As a teenager she spent years in front of the camera, working on a host of After School Specials and sharing the screen with A-listers like Sally Field, Richard Pryor, Robert DeNiro, and Barbra Streisand to name a few. Some of Ms. Alpher’s most recent appearances include the OWN network, where she was featured on the series “Searching For.” She was also a participant in the “Your OWN Show” search and had a major role in the award-winning Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s production of Othello. Ms. Alpher is also radio host for KKIQ Radio, broadcasting to an estimated 300,000 listeners, and has made several appearances as a stand-up comedienne. Her Secret has been fortunate enough to be the hair and wardrobe stylist for Ms. Alpher for several appearances, including: Host and Mistress of Ceremonies at the Livermore Valley Opera 20th Anniversary Celebration, showcasing some of the most talented Divas and Divos in the opera community; Whine At Nine, where Faith shared her memories of the commercials of the past, and how the filming experience compares to that of today’s digitized process. She was also featured in The Industry Review (scroll to 75:49 for interview with Faith.) And our personal favorite is a 70’s character photo shoot we designed for her acting portfolio.



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