Livermore Hair Stylist for American Idol’s Jennifer Holliday


Ms. Holliday is the original "Efie White' from the acclaimed Broadway show "Dreamgirls." Ms. Holliday recently performed on the "Wendy Williams show" and also appeared at the Martin Luther King memorial dedication. Ms. Holliday is also a Grammy-award winner.

The world gained a new respect for the original powerhouse and true diva of one of the best-known songs in the world. Assisted by singing newcomer Jessica Sanchez, second runner up for the 2012 season of American Idol, Jennifer Holliday showed the world there’s only one way to sing “And I am Telling You.” I’ve had the pleasure of serving as Ms. Holliday’s stylist, and can attest to the amazing talent and wonderful warmth of this unique woman. Many congratulations and continued success to Ms. Holliday – the world is blessed to have her voice. Check out my video diary of the work I’ve done with her, and don’t miss her amazing performance on American Idol!

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