The African-American Hair Debate featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas

African-American hair has been a subject of opinion and debate for decades. Comments vary depending on the demographic, and everyone has a view on what’s best on the subject.  Should African-American hair be strictly styled using only natural hair care methods? Are chemicals such as relaxers and perms an option? catsuit-attributedAnd what about hair weaving and hair extensions? Not to mention the race and economic factors attached to these issues, including commentary like “not black enough,” “too white,” or “too black” that are constantly associated with the choices African-American women make in choosing an appropriate hairstyle for their lifestyle. Often times the opinions of the public are so strong that the state of an African-American woman’s hair can trump her accomplishments, and the achievements of Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas is no exception. Read on for the debate surrounding her hair.

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