Celebs Discuss the Impact of Hair Loss

With over 30 million women in the United States suffering from some kind of hair loss, it’s no surprise that even celebrities have experienced what it feels like to lose their crowning glory. In a recent appearance on “Katie” talk show hosts Katie Couric and Wendy Williams shared their personal experiences with hair loss, including Wendy’s admission that her hair thinning is caused by a thyroid condition. “Wearing a wig for hair thinning is not the same as wearing it for show,” she said. Katie agreed, adding that speaking from the point of view of her friends who have experienced hair loss, “it feels like a part of your body is falling off.” Wendy Williams also mentioned that hair weaving was a first choice for managing her hair thinning, but that since she didn’t have access to a method that would not add more stress to her already-thinning hair, wigs were her best option. We agree with Wendy that “our hair is part of our crowning glory.”

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