Education and Innovation (Photo Gallery)

As a family of hair loss survivors, the Her Secret Hair team has walked the journey of 30 million women. The battle started for founder Helen Owens as young as age 11, a raging war that often left her feeling completely defeated by the very strands of hair she fought to protect.  Today, Her Secret Hair strives for the victory of flourishing follicles, resolved to create for women everywhere an outer beauty that reflects their unique vision of themselves. As visionaries and innovators in the hair replacement and hair extensions industry, Her Secret Hair is dedicated to disrupting traditional, mass-market hair extensions options which often marginalize women with hair loss conditions, and is also committed to educating the world at large about the impact of hair loss on women. Her Secret Hair regularly partners with community organizations, celebrities, media personalities and industry professionals to help increase awareness and understanding of the issues related to hair loss in women. We look forward to meeting you at our next events!