Standing Together for Life (Book: Surviving Beautifully Through Cancer)

surviving-beautifully-final-uploadAfter 3 decades of providing hair replacement services for women, I have witnessed first-hand the life stories and experiences of women struggling to overcome their personal hair loss battles. One of my greatest challenges is facing with my clients the battle against mortality as we journey together through the fight against cancer. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that cancer claims the lives of more than a quarter of a million women every year in the United States, and that approximately 14 million people every year are diagnosed globally.

Like hair loss, cancer does not discriminate; it chooses its victims from any age group, gender, race or economic background. What I know from holding the hearts and hands of women from beginning to end who are suffering from cancer, the first step is acceptance of the disease. As a woman who has battled an auto immune disorder my entire life, I know how incredibly difficult it is to live in a body that turns on us, yet still acquiesce to a disease that is destroying our very existence. I am proud to have contributed some of my most powerful tools for helping women survive the hair loss battle brought on by cancer in “Surviving Beautifully.” I pray that these words of knowledge and advice help women survive, remain strong  and stand tall through the challenges of living with this debilitating disease. May all of us who have been touched by cancer in any way be inspired and empowered by everyone who has walked this journey and “survived beautifully.”