Leading By Example – Helen Owens: Literary Contributor, Speaker, Empowerer

I am proud to be an architect of my own life, and even prouder to use my experience to empower and advocate for women. I believe that making choices with honor and integrity lets our light shine through and allows us to shine a light on others. One of the greatest movements in my career is being able to share my insights, knowledge and experience on a grand scale. As a literary contributor, educator and speaker my biggest rewards lie in helping other women find their voice. A prosperous journey through life is gained by embracing all our experiences, for that experience brings us wisdom and carries us one step closer to our truth. These are a few titles to which I’ve been honored to contribute, sharing my words of wisdom with women eager to embrace their personal power:


Glad Rags. “Meet the women who PUT ON THEIR GLAD RAGS, BABY, then stood up and stepped out on their own behalf-leaving bad relationships, dealing creatively with a life threatening illness, silencing critics (external and internal), flourishing in the marketplace and dancing in the moonlight. ”  – Pam Spence, author


Surviving Beautifully.   “Illness and cancer are words people do not typically associate with beauty. Surviving Beautifully is a comprehensive guide to solutions for cancer-related beauty issues such as skin care, surgical outcomes, dental or style. It contains sophisticated, up-to-the-minute information from renowned medical and aesthetic experts in all areas, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, hair and lifestyle experts, and survivors themselves. Surviving Beautifully is a tool to help you take a proactive approach to your healing, both physically and in your soul.” – Victoria Tillotson and Lana Koifman, authors


Get All As in The Game of Life. “This Amazon bestseller book of quotes and other useful tidbits will be your source of fuel and comfort: a wellspring that female entrepreneurs can draw upon over and over. A tailored tool to help you optimize your own experience Asa business owner and master multi-tasked, it’s filled with lessons learned and paths taken by none other than fellow female entrepreneurs.” – Susan Vernicek, author