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sheila-for-website-attributedHer Secret is a full service hair salon that specializes in treating women with thinning hair and scalp conditions. Our master stylists have over three decades of combined experience in all of today’s cutting-edge hair styling techniques, and are veteran practitioners of hair extensions and hair replacement.  Three key elements separate Her Secret from the average hair salon.

  • Her Secret Hair hand-makes its hair replacement solutions, rather than relying on factory-made stock.  Designing  hair additions for a client from start to finish ensures that each woman has a natural appearance of a full head of hair, and that each solution can be worn for an extended amount of time. Each woman’s service truly is “her secret.”
  • Her Secret Hair’s solutions work in conjunction with each clients’ medical directives, ensuring that recommended treatments are healthy for a client’s hair and scalp.
  • Her Secret Hair is an all-encompassing women’s hair treatment center – not just salon services, and not just hair extensions.  All solutions are client-driven so that each woman has a hair styling experience that’s uniquely her own.  Founder Helen Owens offers a customized approach to hair styling and design, so that every woman who’s ever admired another’s hair can finally have the hair everyone else admires.

The other “secret” to ending the bad hair day is a combination of good quality products and exceptional customer service. Each client is a recipient of our holistic approach to hair assistance of every kind. We understand that a woman’s hair is truly her crowning glory – to this end we strive for one common denominator: ongoing communication with the client and delivery of the service promised. All services are prefaced with an extensive consultation. During this time our staff assesses each client’s individual needs and provides a customized hair solution.

 Sample Service Menu

Couture Hair Extensions/Hair Replacement encompasses customized methods of adding volume, thickness, length, and/or fullness; may include one method or a combination-cocktail that meets the specific hair and scalp requirements of the client. Our goal with any method is to ensure ongoing health of the natural hair.  Her Secret Hair Extensions uses its knowledge and expertise about conditions like  alopecia, trichotillomania, cancer, and other hair loss disorders to create a satisfactory hair-loss solutions for its clients.

Custom Hair Weaving encompasses patented design methods created by-hand for each client. Our goal with any hair weaving method is to increase potential for hair growth and ensure ongoing health of natural hair.  It’s true: hair changes everything.

Hair and scalp rejuvenation combines a host of follicle-friendly services to stimulate growth, refresh the scalp and hair, and alleviate skin sensitivity. Each service is tailored to the unique conditions of the client, which are assessed in an in-depth consultation.

Haircuts & style includes master hair cutting techniques on natural hair, custom wigs, hair weaves and hair extensions.

Additional hair services are provided, and can be tailored to fit your specific hair needs. Her Secret Hair specializes in providing hair color and hair styling that is allergy free and scalp sensitive. Each service is tailored based on your skin and follicle analysis.

Her Secret Services is a custom package designed just for you – let’s talk hair! Contact us at 925-606-6587 (salon) or 510-910-4850 (business cell, call or text), via email at hersecrethair@gmail.com or using the contact form below. We look forward to providing you with your own hair secrets!

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