Hair Changes Everything

As women fighting the hair loss battle, we know first-hand what it feels like to step into a traditional hair salon. We are the forgotten clients, the ones with the daily bad hair day, going to combat against the ongoing war on our follicles. We hide ourselves under inexpensive wigs in the hopes no one notices us and outs the private illnesses that have led us to this hair trauma. We live on the margins, wishing every day we could enjoy the luxurious services and products reserved for clients with full, flowing heads of hair and healthy scalps.

For over three decades, Her Secret Hair has sought to be the bridge between a woman’s inner vision and outer appearance, transforming women into what they envision themselves to be. For women with hair loss conditions caused by such illnesses as poly cystic ovarian syndrome, lupus, trichotillomania, hormonal changes or stress, or scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, thinking outside the box of traditional approaches to hair extensions is key.

For women experiencing hair loss or thinning, traditional mass-marketed hair extensions often don’t work – due to the varied scalp and hair conditions the finished product can appear unnatural and/or cause additional damage to the follicles. Instead, women with unique hair challenges need hair loss solutions that are as unique as their conditions. Her Secret Hair uses a variety of methods, techniques, and treatments to obtain a natural looking hairstyle that replicates the latest styles without risking damage to the natural hair. This unique approach to hair extensions allows customers to feel confident about their hair-loss solutions and avoids the “hair extension horror story.” The secret lies in the hair replacement professional’s unique understanding and experience with a host of medical issues and how these issues affect the hair and scalp. Her Secret Hair combines one-third trichology, one-third art and one-third science to create a hair-engineering solution that is uniquely client-based from start to finish.

True beauty comes from within, so being able to create the truest expression of ourselves in any form is paramount. No matter who we are, we always want the option to be able to present to the world our best selves. Whether dealing with a small patch of thinning or trying to manage total hair loss, women with extreme hair and scalp challenges are all looking for one thing: a way to look and feel their best, and put their best face forward.



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