Women Being Beautiful (Photo Gallery)

Having hair loss doesn’t mean we have to forego our desire for beautiful hair; many of us have embraced our hair loss issues, and still believe in our right to wear our hair in a way that reflects our inner vision of ourselves. Some of us are proud to sport a short haircut, reflecting our decision to embrace the changes in our bodies and follicles. Others of us want bold flowing locks that mirror our mind’s image of ourselves. Still others of us opt for being proudly bald and beautiful. But for those of us desiring the opportunity to regain the hair we once had in whatever form makes us comfortable – or to make the hair we still have even better – Her Secret Hair provides a host of hair solutions.

Her Secret Hair is the premier organization for true-to-life, healthy couture hair extensions and replacement that promote hair growth and are in tangent with a client’s medical directives. For decades founding member Helen Owens has provided hair extensions for women who hope to regain their crowning glory. Women who’ve always admired the hair of others, but have longed for a hair loss solution, or simply wanted to add volume, length, and fullness in their own hair, can now have the hair everyone else admires. Contact us at the numbers above for more information or fill out the contact sheet at the bottom. We look forward to sharing your beautiful!
































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